26 nov. 2008

Auca de la Sardana, finished

Finalmente terminé l'Auca de la Sardana para la web rodolins.cat
En anteriores entradas os mostré algunos esbozos y el paso a paso del coloreado de una de ellas.
Lápiz, rottring y acuarela.
Espero que os guste!

Finally I finished this comission for the website rodolins.cat
En previous posts I showed you some sketches and a step by step of process to paint them.
Pencil, rottring (or ball pen??) and watercolors.
Hope you like it!

3 comentarios:

An dijo...

aissss. ojala se me dise a mi tambien la acuarela, sigo practicando...Un hermoso trabajo. Bicos a moreas :) MUAC

Mall dijo...

hello darling sweetie Nuria!!!! I didn't know that you made your tv commercial about Santa Claus before!!! It's quite cute, dreamy and adorable! I love it! :) congratulations darling!

I'm very proud of you that you got more projects for the children's books and others especially your handmade plushies for your Etsy! :D Keep working, my dear friend Nuria! I never forget you! I'll keep visiting your blog, MWAH!

Marta dijo...

Qué bien, enhorabuena Nuria! :)