12 jun. 2008

Etsy Shop

some months a go, I opened my shop on etsy.
I'm going to upload more items. Take a look please!!

10 jun. 2008

Auca de la Boqueria

Finally I finished my last comission to rodolins.cat
24 illustrations about the most famous "popular market" in Barcelona, La Boqueria.
Hope you like it. s you can see, it's just ink and watercolors.
Sorry for the delay on news... I've been so so busy lately....

1 jun. 2008

Tengo un nuevo inquilino en mi cuarto...

...y se llama iMac.

Tenia que renovar el ordenador, estaba ya viejete.
No sabia si renovar el pc, si optar por un portatil, un barebone o micro-pc, que almenos son mas pequeños, un mac....
solo necesite ir un dia a casa de mi amiga Eli que tiene mac desde hace tiempo, que me explicara todo, probarlo... para que me decidiera XD

el punto de inflexion fue que podia ver las pelis y series desde la cama, con mando!!!

no hace ruido, ocupa nada!! es genial!


I just bought an iMac two days ago.
The pc was old and I was thinking to renew the pc, or maybe a barebone, micro-pc, mac...
finally my dear friend Eli explained me everything, I could test it in her house, and I decided to buy one too.
the point decisive was that I can view the movies or tv shows from my bed with an apple remote control (or something like this... I don't remember the name...)
it isn't noisy, it's so slim...!! that's perfect!!