4 nov. 2006

I'm selling greeting cards

ok, this isn't "exactly" an illustration XD I know...
but I wanted to say you all that I'm selling greeting cards :P

Greeting Cards | Nuria Ayma © 2006 | [link]

1.5 €/un. $2/un.
offer: 4x3 ONE FREE! --> 4 greeting cards x 4.5€ // $6

printed on paper as watercolor paper, 180 gr
envelope included

8 different models: (full view click in the links)

1- skating [link]
2- alone [link]
3- hazy forest [link]
4- winter's faery [link]
5- warm moment [link]
6- the little matchseller [link]
7- winter [link]
8- home, sweet home [link]

Shippment not included, but around 1.5-3€/$2-4 to worlwide
Payment by Paypal
For order go to [link]
for any question, feel free to write me to nuriaayma@yahoo.es