18 ago. 2006

I'm going to Paris...again!

Yes! I'm so so happy 'cause I'll be in paris for one week, again, this time with my family. The last time I gone with my boyfriend and was only for 4 days, but I was so marvellous :blushes: and I loved Paris, and I'll return it tomorrow since the next saturday, 26 august.

Therefore, I haven't submit any illust lately, but don't think I haven't do any illustration during this time! NO! This summer I've been very bussy with my final project for my studies of illustration (I'm doing a calendar), and I've done a couples of illustrations for a contest of Peter Pan (Fgures Futur), I've done 4 illust with in colab with other great artist, for a request, about a children's book. And I'm doing with my boyfriend a little cut for a contest of Catalan Television (TV3 / K3), I don't know how it's called in english..sorry....but I've done the character's design, story-board, textures, etc..and he is doing all the work in 3D, with 3D studio max. you can view his website here http://www.amadeumartinez.com/

I would to show you the illustration of peter pan and the others for a children's book, for a contest called Figures Futur 2006, and I'm very proud of them, but you have to wait, I don't know if I ready can post them on the net....

Meanwhile, you can buy some prints in my website!!! http://www.nuriaayma.com/nuriweb03/shop_prints.htm :P