30 oct. 2006


although already I'm quite 22 (my birthday is the next 2nd november), I love plushies (is correct plushies? or only plush?). And I fallen in love of Ikea's plush, overall these finger's puppets. it costs 4.99 €/10 units.and I love these ones too :P
My boyfriend gave me this cute tortoise ^^

29 oct. 2006

Calendar project

This is the actual progress of my final illustration project: a calendar about spanish festivities, one more commercial than others....
Any illustration is finished.
Made with oil paintings on paper.
Halloween illust, one of my favourites, is in this moment at class, so tomorrow I'll post it here ;)

Why me?!

the second part of Alone. two both was drawn together, at the end of september. as soon as I can, I'll colour it :)

9 oct. 2006


I remember when I was a child and I had to go to the black-board to make an exercise that I didn't know to make it..... then I felt so alone... all my companions and the teacher vieweing and waiting me... ufff.... and I was so shy...

well, hope one of you understand me and like this little illustration, that is again a practicing of illustration for text book or magazines.

pencil and photoshop CS

4 oct. 2006


the last illustration I've done for a future book to show for children's illustration and/or text books or magazines.

How pleasure are these small enormous moments, aren't them?
Hope you like it, I wait your comments!!!!

pencil and photoshop CS