24 nov. 2006

Trio Harry, Ron, Hermione

Trio Harry, Ron, Hermione
Trio's close-up
more than a year ago I drew this and I promised to color it.
ok, not just color it. I'm "redrawn" it. (it's correct. I don't really know...)

Hope that you like them, one or both. please, said me, which do you like the most? the only difference is some textures and some finished touches, but I like both! >_< style="font-weight: bold;">which would you buy?

I'm waiting your comments ;)

Characters (c) Jk Rowling

1 comentario:

amadeu dijo...

Well, I'm divided with this draws. I prefer the style of the first draw and the color palete of the second.

The perfect draw is a mix of two.

In any case great work ;-)