7 nov. 2006

Alone 2

This is another version I did when I was drawing "alone" illust and Iwanted to do a face-to-face? mmm....not. an ahead and behind, of the same scene. not exactly, but the same. But I haven't had time until today for color it.

I know it can be better, but trust me, the illustrations with several elements is my worst! and I've do my best :)
Hope you like it and I wait your opinion!

pencil and photoshop CS

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

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Desiree Delgado dijo...

Mas de uno nos hemos sentido asi alguna vez en la vida... deseando q nos comiera la tierra!!!

saludines XD

Anónimo dijo...

jejeje me gusta la expresión de "duda existencial" y desánimo que le has dado.