19 mar. 2006

girl as indian

girl as indian, originally uploaded by Nuri007.

mi ultimo dibujo, espero k os guste. el mesaje largo lo dejo en ingles, k ya lo tengo escrito, y no tengo ganas de escribir mas XD asi k lo arreglo con un copiar y pegar :P

first of all.... please, to FULL VIEW CLICK HERE, it looks better!!

well, this is my last ilustration. I'm too proud of it. I've spent a lot of time on it, in the line, the "background", the colors...
the girl is sad, like I felt these last days. you know why if you've read my last journal. now I'm better :)
while I was drawing it, I had a mucha book near to me. I love the art of mucha, really, is absolutely amazing the figures and the "intricates design" (I don't know if it's good said....).

you can view some Close-ups
Hope you like it!

Tools: pencil, watercolors and some touches in photoshop.
Time: 1 week (not 1 whole week, obviously...)
no photo reference
texture from Mayang's

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Lely dijo...

Que bonito que te quedó, jodia!! Es que eres lo peor!!

No sabia que tenias tb blog, lo he descubierto chafardeando en tu DA. Yo desde esta tarde tb tengo blog, asi que aprobecharé pa añadirte ^^

Psychotic_Bitch dijo...

aaaaay dibujas como k bien bonito, asi tipo ghibli ;__; aaay k lindo ;___;

(ana.hi del deviant n.n)